Our History

Sue Wiatt, Founder of There is More Ministries

Steve and Sue Wiatt were a christian couple from Tallahassee, Florida.  Sue would travel monthly to different towns in South Georgia and North Florida doing Bible studies and teaching.  She had a small group of supporters that followed her around from meeting to meeting.

In July of 1978, the Lord told Sue “There will come a time when the family will need a place of  refuge.  As Noah began building the ark, I would have you begin now to prepare a place of refuge for the family.  It is to be in the mountains of western North Carolina within a 50 mile radius of Lake Junaluska. It is to be a place where His people can come to at no charge; those who can will pay for those who cannot”. Thus, through a series of events and by God’s direction and intervention, the property now known as Living Waters was introduced to Sue and her group of supporters.

In January 1980, by God’s grace and intervention, Sue and her group were able to purchase this property and Living Waters Ministry was started. It is still going strong today, some thirty-four years later, conducting retreats, ministering to families and individuals both young and old.

Living Waters is not a church, but a ministry that God is using to bless, restore, and change the lives of those who come here.

Living Waters stands on its own. It has never been under the covering of any church, ministry, or organization. 

Living Waters is guided by a twenty-four member board comprised of twelve governing members and twelve advising members. These men and women come to the ministry from a variety of states, churches, and walks of life.